Shot of the week!

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Well, there you have it.  My fave shot of this week, from a recent Photo Shoot which was actually the first shoot done as Shoot To Thrill.  The family of this graduate were so ecstatic about their pics.  I’m really happy, too, as this was this was shot from my camera.  🙂  I really love making these kind of photos, applying effects and frames and playing around with Adobe programs.  The grief I had loading the darned things is now levelled out by the joy I’m having using them.  Big thanks to my cousin for making my computer usable again!  Thanks Joel!

Anyway, I’ll update regularly from now on, hopefully.  At least once a week.  Someone remind me if I haven’t been here.  A nice pizza and bouquet of flowers at the door would do.  😉



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Cake mix cookies in the oven, smelling good!

Children making pipe-cleaner crafts at the table, no fighting, two points for me!

Realising that now that I have a photograph business I can use my blog for more that just venting, extra-super-duper-liscious!

So, I will post my fave shot of the week here, hopefully I remember to maintain that.  And, if there are any contests or promos going on, I’ll let you know here, and on facebook.

Shoot To Thrill Photography.  It’s gonna rock!

Computer? Confuser…

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I can’t recall for the life of me, life without a computer.  I know it involved lots of fresh air, sunshine and reading, but really, life since the computer is supposed to be more simple.  Right?  I am sorry, but lately computers have ceased to do anything but confuse me and waste my time.  I spend hours staring at a metal (or plastic now, I guess) box with words on it that generally mean little to my semi-computer-literate brain.  Unless it’s the benefit of seeing into thousands of people’s lives at once on facebook, being able to send an instant message to someone in hopes they are in front of their computer rather than their snail-mail mailbox a week later or finding information on some long-reaching topic that only partially concerns me, I am finding myself having to do repetitive mundane tasks just to get my computer to work properly.  If it really were making life easier, it would be doing my laundry instead of giving me the awkward and strange desire to spend hours on my backside in an uncomfortable chair.  It would be shopping for my groceries and cooking supper and making lists of the things that need to be repaired around the house.  Or maybe repairing those things rather than listing them.  I dunno.  Some days it feels like it’s not easier having a computer around the house.   Case and point: fifteen minutes ago, I started changing the bedding and firing dirty laundry down the laundry chute.  Then I paused to call my hubby about our central vac and since I was next to the computer I then came and started a clean of my computer drives, then I came here to blog.  The pillows in my daughters room are bare and on the floor and the bed is still sitting there, bare. I haven’t even started on the other rooms.  Neither my washer nor the dryer are running and that pile of laundry is now sitting on top of the pile of laundry that I fired downstairs yesterday and the day before that.  Hmmm, easier?  No.  More distracting, yes.  More fun, once in a while.  I mean, ANYTHING is more fun than laundry, right?

Just a little Hi…

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So, here I sit in the middle of my new kitchen.  I’m not so sure that putting my computer in here was a good idea.  I spend a lot of time online again, like more time than I spend sleeping!  But, the positive, I can use the online recipe/kitchen stuff the way I intended!  And, once I get set up, I can do my book-keeping and not have to spend forever downstairs wrapped in a blanket fighting with my dinosaur of a computer!  So, perhaps in the end it’ll be a good thing.  Now, back to my game in progress… 😉

Ringing in the New

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So, it’s a new year.  Happens every year and every year I think it’s going to be different.  I’m going to try to be nicer to myself this year and eat healthier and such.  I’m not setting a weight loss goal or cutting out anything from my diet, but I do want to stop hurting and being so tired and lazy all the time.  So, just actually getting more active and eating healthier is my New Year Resolution.  And you?  I also am looking forward to taking on a new outlook on life, that of staying more organised and in the now.  I get so behind because I don’t bother doing the extra two second jobs keep things from piling up, like throwing in a load of laundry if I’m downstairs or putting the dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink.  I am going to try to stop brooding about the past and worrying about the future and be more present in my actions.  My kids deserve it as much as I do, and I know we’ll all benefit in the end. 

So, to you and yours, Happy New Year’s and Belated Merry Christmas and best of luck with your intentions.

In the darkness…

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It’s that peaceful time of year when the night is so still it feels as though I’m wrapped in a blanket.  Sounds are amplified but are crisp and disappear as soon as they’ve happened.  I love to lie in a snowbank in my snow suit and listen to the silence.  The sound of snow falling is quite amazing if you ever have the chance to listen to it.  Except for the occasional wet bum or snowflake in the eye, it’s the most comfortable and magnificent thing I’ve ever experienced.  It feels so relaxing and refreshing and calms my mind like nothing else.  Too bad we don’t have any snowbanks right now.


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It is sometimes in the midst of something else that my best ideas come to life.  It’s too bad that I usually am lacking in pen and paper and my swiss cheese brain loses.  Recently I have had some wonderful thoughts on how to make my life more fulfilling and such, and as usual these ideas went out with the bathwater.  I get flickers now and then, of what my life could look like and it’s so tempting.  I just need to find some gumption (and my pen and paper) and lose the laziness.  It is never without work that something wonderful comes to life.  Even the most effortless view of beauty took a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  It’s just that much harder when the work is your own.  And so, with a skip in my step I am going to grit my teeth and make some changes, and hopefully those ideas will resurface.  Now, off to retrace my thoughts and see what I can come up with.  Embrace your day, enjoy it even more.