(smacking forehead…) Shoulda had a V-8.

So here I have been using facebook only for promoting my photography, concerned about the technical aspects and feasability of starting a website.  Well, isn’t this a website of sorts?  🙂  I think I will open a new blog for Shoot To Thrill and see what happens.  I will hopefully be able to keep up with it, I haven’t done much with this one as it is.  Oh well.  It’s almost a new year, and I have accomplished a lot on the homefront.  The kids start school again soon and I have toned down my to-do list so perhaps I can schedule a time once or twice a week to be posting.  So, stay tuned for updates on that endeavour.  I want to make this year count.   A portfolio would be a nice touch, no?  🙂


One Response to “(smacking forehead…) Shoulda had a V-8.”

  1. Hmm, I suppose it was a retrospective smack in the forehead. Two posts ago I wrote much the same thing… 😉 I think I need more Coca-Cola…

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