It is sometimes in the midst of something else that my best ideas come to life.  It’s too bad that I usually am lacking in pen and paper and my swiss cheese brain loses.  Recently I have had some wonderful thoughts on how to make my life more fulfilling and such, and as usual these ideas went out with the bathwater.  I get flickers now and then, of what my life could look like and it’s so tempting.  I just need to find some gumption (and my pen and paper) and lose the laziness.  It is never without work that something wonderful comes to life.  Even the most effortless view of beauty took a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  It’s just that much harder when the work is your own.  And so, with a skip in my step I am going to grit my teeth and make some changes, and hopefully those ideas will resurface.  Now, off to retrace my thoughts and see what I can come up with.  Embrace your day, enjoy it even more.


One Response to “Sometimes…”

  1. You can do it, Michelle. You just need to make the choice. I am making (or trying to anyway) some choices too this year. Now where’s that notebook…? :0)

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