Ok, so call me a whiner!  I am such a wuss when it comes to being cold.  Give me overheating anyday, but I have the worst time warming up once I get cold.  And yet, I can’t wear socks in the house most of the time because I get too hot.  (I also hate slipping around on the floors!)  I shouldn’t be complaining too much, it is almost mid-December and this is only the second or third cold stint we’ve had this winter.  And it’s much needed.  With Christmas around the corner, everyone is hoping the oilfield picks up so the economy here can pick up.  And, being that my husband’s business IS the oilpatch, it’s definitely welcome here on some level.  My kids don’t seem to mind much, they’re used to being cooped-up.  I seem to sub-consciously make hermits out of them on a regular basis.  My bad.  In my mind, it’s less frustrating than getting them all dressed and sending them outside for a matter of 6.5 seconds, only to have them ring the doorbell incessantly in order to get back in and beg for hot chocolate!  🙂  Ahhh, ’tis the season.  So, bundle up everyone!  I know I am!


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