Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…and then stop.

So, we’re happily in the midst of some most excellent sunshine right now!  I haven’ t been outside yet to see how warm (scoff!) it is out there, but it’s deceivingly beautiful looking!  It’s been blizzarding for a couple days so it’s very much appreciated, by me anyway.  My husband would take all the terrible weather he could get.  Pays the bills. Drab, gloomy days and I don’t agree.  While I am all for a White Christmas (and a bank account), and the fun that comes when you combine cooped-up kids and a ton of fresh snow, I wish it would (almost always) happen while I were asleep.  I’m solar powered, you see.  Like flipping a switch.  As my husband.  Anyway, along with the sunshine comes my need for something to do, but the dishes and chores are NOT on my list of priorities!  🙂 So, it’s off to my angel of  a mom’s house for a visit and probably some more puzzles and lovely warm tea.  I love puzzles and tea, all the time!  Oh, and tend to some laundry too.  Santa, if you’re listening, I’d love a maid.  Take care!


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