Let’s Get it On…

So, I found a cool site called Creative Every Day.  It’s inspiring and artistic and intuitive and fun and deep and well, just plain what I needed.  I picked up my pen for the first time in over a year and drew a pen and ink drawing from start to finish last night that turned out really nice.  I think I’m going to put it on a canvas later when I have some time and throw in some color.

For any of you searching your inner creative, this is a fantastic site loaded with get-up-and-go for your inner artist.  Check it out, she’s also starting an Artist’s Way creative soon, as a web discussion using the Artist’s Way workbooks.  Should prove to be a wonderful journey. 

I’m feeling so relieved and complete this morning.  I think that’s what I’ve been missing lately, my pen.  🙂 

Oh, pen, there art thou!


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