Ok, so it’s NOT life or death, but come on!!!

I spent over half an hour last night looking through the grocery store to find toothpicks!  Why is it that all stores seem to have a hard time figuring out where to put toothpicks?!?!  OK!  I had three choices in my head for likely locations: The spice and baking aisle (seems to be a common one with most stores), the paper plates and cutlery section (you know, the table fixin’s), or the toothpaste and oral hygeine  aisle (makes sense, right?)  WRONG!  I even asked THREE store staff if they knew and they all looked like deer in headlights!  I passed a couple of friends out shopping and asked them, when they weren’t sure, they said they’d yell at me if they found it.  So, at the till after paying, she comes hollering around the corner.  They were hanging on a strip in some aisle.  I wasted half an hour!!  For toothpicks!!  What’s wrong with stores?  What’s wrong with me?!


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