Jingle all the way…

It’s already the 23rd of December and I am only just beginning to feel like Christmas spirit lives here.  Something about the arguments from my children, the long to-do list of things that in hindsight seem so frivolous and the excess of fattening baking I’m consuming are most likely the culprits.  It’s hard to be Merry and Bright when you’re weighed down and crashing from sugar highs from those addicting Christmas goodies that just can’t seem to whet your appetite for sweets!  And, when your daughter is continually changing her wish list, after you finished the shopping almost a month ago, it’s frustrating hearing over and over how she’s getting a Polly Pocket and Barbie Diamond Castle stuff from Santa, and you know otherwise.  Then there’s the issue of being cooped up in the house for so many days, for fear of losing some extremities or needing skin grafts after severe frostbite has set in due to the almost unseasonable below -40C temps!  Winter fun and Christmas day sledding parties don’t seem as inviting anymore.  So, I think tonight we’ll go sit in front of the tree that I’ve had up since early November for a photo shoot fundraiser, watch a movie that Santa conveniently dropped off early to remind my kids why they’re supposed to be behaving and feast on some non-fat popcorn with lots of butter.  Maybe some Christmas carols are on par for today.  Bah Humbug?  Nah, I’m coming around, Merry Ho Ho to you all.  🙂


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