Take a walk in the woods…?

I went hunting yesterday with my hubby.  It was really nice to be outside doing something we both enjoy together without the screeching and shouting and stomping that goes on in our house.  At the end of the day, we decided to go on one last walk, I sat at the edge of the field, up against a tree, so comfy and quiet, to see if anything ventured that way.  My dear hubby was supposed to be a few trails back waiting at the intersection of two cutlines.  That’s fine.  Then I remembered that my mom, who was babysitting for us, was supposed to be somewhere.  The sun had gone behind the trees and it was close to being dusk so I got up from my numb-bum position and started walking back to where I was supposed to wait.   I walked further in as my hubby was not where he said he’d be, calling his name but to no avail.  So I headed back to the main trail and out to where we had parked the gator.  No phone.  I don’t know how to drive it either.  So, back in I go,having started the gator and warmed up for a minute, to where dh was supposed to be.  By now it WAS dusk and I was starting to get a bit freaked, did he hit his head?  Did he fall down a ravine or something or get ambushed by a cougar?  I felt like I was being stalked, but I think it was my imagination.  Still, I was worried.  I didn’t know if I should go the quarter section to the farm and get someone or walk into the cutline looking for my hubby or sit in the gator and wait or go back to where I was supposed to wait and freeze my butt off.   I walked back down the cutline, by now yelling his name instead of just calling out. Finally, near where he was supposed to be, I screamed a high pitch version of what had been tearing up my already sore throat.  “WHAT?”  I hear.  “Why aren’t you answering me?” “I’ll be right there.”  And I see the slow silhouette of my hubby walk into the other end of the cutline, around where I had originally been sitting watching the sunset.  By now I’d started crying a little from the tension, and he was slowly walking to me, nowhere near the pace I was walking towards him.  After much explaining as to why I was trying to find him and how he’d not answered me for the last twenty minutes, he looked at me and laughed.  “I didn’t hear you, I heard something crash and was waiting for it to come out, then I thought I heard an elk.”  “That was me!  I was calling you.”  Another laugh.  After more conversation we come out to the running gator and get in.  I look at him, “Don’t ban me from hunting with you because of this.”  He just looks at me and laughs again.  “Ban you.”  Another laugh, and we head back to the farm arm in arm in the warmth of the gator.  Next time, I’ll sit and wait.  LIke I was told to.


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