Wanted: A keen eye for good writers who will suck me into series’!

So, Ive been sucked into two series of books, unknowingly and unwittingly.  See, I don’t like series’ because I feel compelled to read on even if the first book I read was a bad one.  And especially if I read a book out of sequence. 

However, the two series I am reading are:  Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series (hard to put down even though it’s chock full of Scottish history and I have a hard time following politics as it is!) and Sergie Lukyanenko’s “Nightwatch” series.  Both of them I had no idea they were series’ and now I’m hooked.  Great writers if you’re looking for something to tie up your evenings (and weekends and bathtimes and few minutes of privacy hiding in your closet under your housecoat while your kids destroy the house.)  Diana’s history is balance with lots of folklore and sex (yeah, I said it) while Sergie’s books are fantasy posing as everyday fiction, something that could be possible happening all around us and we’re oblivious.  Well, I am anyway, my kids attack on my now dented pots and pans leaves me oblivious to even my doorbell. 

So, what’cha waiting for?!  Go hook yourself up so I’m not the only one addicted.


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