And this is why I said I’d never have a blog…

So, what’s it been now?  Like six months or so since posted anything!?  Well, consider it an example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Or at least the road to the internet wasteland.  Although, I don’t intend of completely abandonning this blog.  And there goes another good intention.

Anyhow, things have been busy around here.  Isn’t that what we all say when we haven’t been able to keep up with things?  But, looking back, even though there have been some busy days, it has been pretty dull.  Barely treading water and keeping my head above drowning in another depression cycle, but I’m doing it!  Lack of sleep really doesn’t help.

In between searches for the cough drops I KNOW are around here, I found some chocolate bar singles and am subbing them in, hopefully the chocolate will coat my throat as well as it’s been coating my thighs and this wretched barking will cease.  SPeaking of coating my thighs, why is it that I can always find an excuse to eat chocolate or whatever and fake up some dietary scientific explanation for why I can eat such and such and it won’t affect my weight?  Like right now, I just drank water so it cancels out the chocolate, right?  Or, or or maybe because I’m eating it to soothe my throat it’s for medicinal purposes and my thyroid will know the difference?  Um, please?  And, on another note, once again in reference to coated thighs, I made my first yummy batch of salt and pepper wings the other day!  My secret, well, not so secret secret…butter.  Yup, I brushed them with butter and sprinkled salt and pepper on those chickies and baked ’em till they were so golden and yummy.  Yet again, it was hard work so the fat don’t count.  Uh-huh. 

I think I’ve decided that this blog is to be more of a comic relief than an informative blog.  A wealth of useless information, much as I am.  DId you know they can grow a human ear on the back of a mouse?  But, we still can’t make teapots that don’t dump scalding water all over you as you try to make a relaxing cup of tea…  And doesn’t chamomile soothe burns?  So, drop that teabag on your lap while you’re at it.   G’head, tell ’em I told you to do it. 

I finished doing my company books today.  Well at least up to the fiscal year end.  That leaves me with another three and a half months of books to do.  I keep telling myself that it only takes a couple hours to catch up on even a whole year with the puny amount of input there is for us.  Can someone please tell me why it’s taken me four afternoons, then?  I think there’s something wrong in my head, they say men have trouble with sizes, well I do too.  Only mine aren’t for boasting. 

My kids are turning into best friends.  Thank goodness.  I really had the second one just so the first would have someone to play with.  Yah right.  Now, as best friends do, especially girls, it’s a teenage fight fest.  Can you gage the level of a friendship by the ferocity of a fight?  What if it’s uninstigated?  My toddler will run up behind my daughter who is sitting quietly on the floor watching tv and attack her head like it’s on fire with wallops I can hear from down the hall!   And then five minutes later they’re pretending to go to sleep under the same blanket on the same floor.  Needless to say, I’ve apologized to my own mother countless times in the last couple years for all the things I did to her.  Apparently, my kids are spitting images of my husband and I when we were that age.  Too bad I’m the one at home most of the time.  When does he get his payback?!  I can account for over half my frustration and stress levels from this behaviour alone.

We bought a Wii a short while ago, and while my daughter whoops our butts with outrageously funny, “How’d she do that!?!?!” feats at bowling, tossing strikes with her entire body like a schizoid marionette, I thought I’d enjoy the Wii Fit.  Well, let-me-tell-you!  Hula hooping is so easy, until you try to get up from the bed or trun around in the car the next day.  And Yoga, ho man!  I thought, “Right!  I can do this, it’s relaxing in a can’t-breathe-properly-because-I’m-trying-my-dangdest-not-to-fall-off-this-board way, and it should limber me up and get me into shape fast.  The game is chastising me for being away too long!  But!  I lost weight even without playing!  Kinda like the gym membership I had a while back.  I paid monthly and went maybe twice in a year.  When I got weighed, I’d lost a bunch of body fat and had toned up.  The lady laughed in shock.  I said, “It must be the money coming out of my account that’s making me lose the weight.”  Hmm, not so funny to the people who were in line at the machines.  Oh well, once I get some of the loose ends tied up that are on my to-do list, the weight loss will be my priority.  Another good intention, I’m on a roll!

Well!  If I didn’t lose you at the beginning of my rambles, perhaps now’s a good time to say that if you knew me in person, that’s about how a conversation would go.  EVERYWHERE.  So, if I invite you for coffee or you sit down to read a random posting from me, then be prepared for numb-bum.  And a good time.  I hope.  Off to bed for me, or at least that’s what I say I’m going to do, then I procrastinate with a long shower and a book and find something else to eat and…


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