Off to see a man about a horse…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I think it’s about due.  We’re almost done having our deck built, yippee!  But what’s really exciting is that the girl  who’s working on it is named Michelle, too, and she has horses!  She’s about my age, works for my husband, lives a block and half from our house and is in need of friends and someone to help her ride her horses!  How much better could that be?!?  And, to make it even better, she’s all for having my 3yr old come too!  So, we’re going there after supper, I’m not sure if we’re riding, tut-tut it looks like rain!, but it will still be fun as my dd asked me to take her somewhere new and exciting and different.  That from a 3yr old.  So, as dh is home, he’ll watch baby while I take dd to meet her first horses!  I’m excited too, everytime I’ve met someone who has horses and offers to let me ride, it never works out.  Cross your fingers for me!  🙂  I’ll take my camera and hope to get some good pictures.  We’re all napped so I just have to feed us and it should be a meltdown free evening.  (Oh, and Michelle mentioned that dh asked her how much a horse is…I asked for one when we were thinking of building at the farm. 😉 Hmmm…)


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