52 projects, all you

I found a cool site.  www.52projects.com   So much stuff to see and so many links that get your mind going.  Then there’s a little mini site of quick projects.  The site itself is very mundane, in fact, all it is is a few lines of text on a blank white page with a “next page” button at the bottom.  But here’s the cool part.  It’s all mini-projects to get your mind doing something creative, or seeing the world from a different angle, or doing something totally spontaneous that you may never have thought of doing.  Better than sitting in my hubby’s favorite chair eating cookies and surfing the 900 satellite channels I have on TV.  So, get off your butt (actually, I suppose stay right where you are) and go check out this site!   www.fiftytwoprojects.com  Yeah, the “you spelled it…correctly” page is the opening page.  Click the “correctly” and be inspired!


One Response to “52 projects, all you”

  1. Hi Michelle! You got a blog award from me! Check out my blog for all the details!

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