And then…

So, as I said I’m terrible for keeping up on things.  Life got away with me and things have been hectic.  When it’s not hectic I’m just trying to “Stop, Breathe, Be.”  Sort of my mantra lately.  When things get tough, my blood gets boiling or I’m frantic about something, I just “Stop.  Breathe.  Be.”  It helps, gives me a moment to ground myself and remember where I was going or what I was doing with a clearer mind. 

Something else has come to mind.  Lately I’ve been thinking about meditating and found something to meditate on.  From Chicken Soup for the Couple’s soul: “Mine are the hands God uses to do His work, just as he uses others’ hands in other places.” – Paul York.  So, whatever I do, I should be mindful of it and make it count.  I suppose it goes along the lines of “What would Jesus do?”  Last night when I told my girlfriends about this, I answered myself, “He’d throw up his hands in frustration and go fast in the desert for 40 days!” 



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