Well, that settles it…literally.

I got a full eight hours sleep last night!  First time in over a year.  And guess what, I’m not in least bit irritable this morning!  Who’da thunk it.  So, I suppose that sleep was my biggest problem. 

Moving on…  I am cheering for Spring here!  I can’t wait to take these little bundles of energy outside and get them active!  And, feel the sun on my skin (instead of the cold) and have a much more comfortable walk to the post office, free of winter ice divots and sinkholes in the roads. 

I’m venturing out, having a craft day for kids at my house every Thursday.  What was I thinking?!  Wednesday nights I’m usually out late scrapbooking (my fave pass-time, and nemesis) so it’s setting myself up for irritability isn’t it?  Well, I’m gonna beat this thing.  The fun will override the negativity and it will all be great!

 Found out that my little nephew may be having some health issues, so I’m praying he’s going to be totally fine.  Also on my prayers list: a friend who is recently pregnant after many years of trying, a friend who is desperately trying to get pregnant, a friend who is dealing with similar mental issues as I am, a friend who is under an enormous amount of stress in all aspects of her life and feeling lonely on her journey, a friend who is trying to beat a serious health issue, my mom who recently lost a brother, a friend who started a new company and is now free of free-time.  On my not-so-serious prayer list: the teetering laundry pile in my basement, the teetering photo pile in my scrap room, the teetering snow piles in my front yard, the teething pile of misery currently chewing on my shoulder, the creativity welling up in me that’s dying to get out.  And then some…

I seem to be all out of humour in my writing this morning.  Hopefully it will be back next time, along with the peace and quiet that used to consume this house every once in a while!  🙂

 I will leave you with a few things:

8      http://www.8minutesofpeace.com/

Theresa Edwards     http://www.theresa-edwards.com/



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