It’s 3 am, do you know where Mommy is?

Ok, so I have a baby who is almost consistently up at 2 am with some sort of stomach upset that takes at least an hour to two and a half hours to resolve, resulting either in gastronomical feats envied by my husband and his wimpy little burps or viscious malatov cocktails in disguise as innocent Elmo covered baby bottoms.  Either way, there is no way she’ll allow herself to be the only one awake, and she definitely does her best to voice that rule.  So, there I sit, trying desperately to keep from working her legs to the point of developing body-builder’s muscles in order to shorten the non-sleeping period of my night.  In order to maintain sanity and feel as though the unbearable waiting wasn’t all for not, I’ve taken to doing things other than watching the shades of red my baby’s face can turn in several seconds. 

  1. I decorated her walls with Prima Big Blossom flowers.
  2. I cut up leftover chicken and mixed with mayo for the next day’s lunch.
  3. Sorted and washed and folded laundry.
  4. Washed dishes.
  5. Cleaned my fridge.
  6. Cleaned the glass top on my stove.
  7. Reorganised baby’s dresser and closet.
  8. Went through all baby’s clothes and moved the too small stuff into boxes and the should-be-wearing-soon into her dresser.
  9. Blogged.
  10. Scrapbooked.
  11. (my favorite) Woke up my husband to talk about nothing in particular whilst we both entertained the baby on our bed.  I wasn’t about to be the only one unrested in the morning!

I’m sure there were more, but right now I can’t think of them, and I’m about to be late for a baby shower.  I should impart my wisdom on the poor, defensless new mommy, but I think I’ll hold it.  Until next time…


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