Wanna Take My Pic?

I keep getting requests from family members to send them some photos of my kids.  Ok, I understand.  However, I don’t even get around to printing some for myself half the time, and when I do they sit in a pile for six months before I even get to reenter the room I stuck them in.  So, having read a few articles lately, thanks Wonder Time Magazine, I have decided to do the following.  Every two or three months I will fill up a disposable 24 or 36 exposure camera with random and event pics of my kids.  As a scrapbook challenge for February ’08 Altered Item at www.scrapbookersclubhouse.com, Alimom has asked us to alter index cards.  So, I will make a mini journal card book from index cards that describe the story(ies) behind the pics.  Then, they will all go in a box or envelope and into the mail.  The cards will be single holed punched and looped on a binder ring.  They can then single hole punch the pics and attach them to the ring or mount the pics and cards in a photo album or mount the pics in a d-ring or binder ring album and attach the binder ring of cards to the pages.  I can do the cards in any paper or style or embellish style I want (here I come scrap box!) whenever and wherever I can and just have a bunch ready to go when it is mailing time.  Jot down the info on a card as I take the pics and then transfer it to the new cards as i see fit for each camera.  It sounds like more work, but I get to scrapping more often than I get to photo printing.  And my dd can start helping decorate the cards too or the camera or both and when she can write, she can do some of the journalling.  This way, they can develop them when and how they like, I get to scrap some more and it’s a wonderful little package expected in the mail every so often!  And dd can decorate the camera when it’s done as it won’t matter where the glue goes.


One Response to “Wanna Take My Pic?”

  1. Very smart idea! I should adopt this one for my family too. :0)

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