A Day: In Review

So, I got up early with the baby.  Argued with the oldest, again, about breakfast.  Had a whiny, fussy baby all day.  Had the afore mentioned poop dilemma.  Slept most of the afternoon once baby went to sleep, so I had no time to make supper, leftovers.  Washed daughter’s bedspread which was the victim of the earlier incident as well.  Went to put it in the dryer, got soaked with water that hadn’t drained from the blanket.  Put it back on spin.  Went to put it in the dryer again, the washer had ripped a huge hole in one side of the blanket, shredding the material.  ARGH!  IT was a somewhat expensive bedspread too!  Then, baby wouldn’t go to bed when I thought she would, had to give it a few tries.  I’m exhausted!

In spite of the angry episodes I had, yes I got angry, I must admit that my rage was decent to me today.  I don’t feel like I did anything that I should feel bad about.  That’s a plus.  And, I guess, I got a nap.


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