Sunday’s Blessings

Man, do I love my mom.  Every Sunday, she takes my oldest daughter to church.  I don’t have the patience she does, then again, she gives the kid back at the end of the day.  Anyway, if I’m extra lucky, my baby girl will have a nap then, too, and I can have a much needed, albeit short, silent retreat at home.  My favorite thing to do when this happens is to put on some music, usually mellow jazz or christian/soft rock, and just do whatever feels right at the moment.  I usually don’t sleep, I’ll sleep when I’m dead, but some of my creative releases give me the same benefit as a mid-morning nap would.  Today, though, I think I’m going to do up the dishes and clean up the kitchen.  Then perhaps I’ll have some good energy flowing around here instead of the chaotic attack from my clutter!  Maybe I’ll do yoga, too.  We’ll see.  Even the best laid plans can be bound to fail.  No!  I’ll be optimistic.  Today is a great day…


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