Peanut-Free, how I love/hate thee.

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I am finding that I have developed a love/hate relationship with the Peanut-Free symbol.

My youngest daughter is allergic to peanuts, therefore our diets have been modified to accomodate this life or death situation. Albeit, I find myself drooling at Reese commercials and breathing deeply down the peanut butter aisle, we feel that if she can’t have it, we shouldn’t either. Except the snickers bars whose wrappers magically appear in my truck on my lonely trips to Edmonton, or at adults only parties where peanut butter marshmallow squares sit waiting for my consumption…

At first I was devastated: I will have to throw out most of what’s in my pantry – not! What a relief! Then I was thrilled – finally, an excuse to stop eating junk food! It all has traces of peanuts in it…right? Not! After scouring aisles for three times the normal amount of time, suffering eyestrain from inexcusably small print and feeling like I was deciphering some strange alien language, I realised, with mixed emotions, that most of what junk food we ate was peanut free! And so, I would diligently read labels, hoping I didn’t miss any superfine printm wishing there were n easier way.

Enter the Peanut-Free symbol.

A few brands of cookies started using the symbol on the front of their boxes, answering the prayers of squinty-eyed mothers and dathers whose lives had been bitten by peanut allergies. Needless to say I jumped on it and began stashing the boxes like an air-raid shelter in my pantry, I can eat cookies!!

Then my daughters discovered the symbol.

Until then, whenever my kids would ask for something I didn’t want them to have and didn’t want to argue about, I would say, “It might contain peanuts.” End of story. My older daughter could read but bought into my mother-knows-best scheme and didn’t care to call me on it. Until they figured out what THAT symbol meant. Now, EVERY junk food item that bears the mark of safety initiates an argument over acquisition. If it is peanut free, it MUST be fine for us to eat, therefore we should be able to buy it.

Hence my love/hate. It’s like spelling. Before my oldest could spell, I would spell out things to my husband when I did’


Oh My Word…

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So I am lame, I have been meaning to post on this blog, updating all my wonderful fans with some new pics.  Instead I have been taking pictures and hoarding them!!
Anyway, here are a few great shots (in my humble and honest opinion…) from some recent shoots.  I will be getting my girls all gussied up one day and doing another Vekved shoot, but until then:


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I hate computers, when they aren’t stealing my time (ahem, I swear it’s their fault!) they are not working properly!  Glitches really get my goat.  I have finally got it working again, I pray that any windows updates don’t mess it up this time!!

Anyway, I don’t have many new photos yet to load, in fact I will ebe sending my camera away for a tuneup and inspection.  But I will browse what I have taken in the last little while and see if there’s anything cool?  🙂  Otherwise, I will think of something off the wall to post and surprise you all later with it! 🙂

Hope your resolutions aren’t getting you down already.

Party Like It’s 1999!

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Ok, for some reason, 1999 looks like a year that I don’t remember writing.  Funny that, like when you write the same word over and over and it always looks spelled wrong…

Anyway!  I’m feeling festive this year, for New Year’s that is.  Already taking down the tree (gasp!) and considering decorating party-like for the next big celebration.  Might as well go out with a glittery bang!  I’m thinking snowflakes and stars and sparkly stuff.  I also feel like scrapbooking and having the kids do crafts and baking and all kinds of things.  I think I must still be on a sugar rush from all the chocolate and baking everyone so kindly bestowed upon our household!  No, seriously, thanks!  My thighs might not thank you, but my tummy and my head do!  🙂

So, I’m off to see what I can finish tidying up and then get to work on decorating.  I LOVE entertaining, I must be one of those Martha Stewart wanna-be’s, without the jail term, the staff of paid help or the attitude.  Or the bank account.   And so I say to you all (in case I get glitter glued to the underside of a table and never return) Happy New Year!  May your resolutions be kind and your motivation be great.  Thank you to everyone for being my friend, and for putting up with my antics (however amusing they may be!)  See you in 2011!

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Ok, here are some of this year’s favorite pics!  Hope you enjoy them, and looking forward to making a lot more smiles this coming year.

(smacking forehead…) Shoulda had a V-8.

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So here I have been using facebook only for promoting my photography, concerned about the technical aspects and feasability of starting a website.  Well, isn’t this a website of sorts?  🙂  I think I will open a new blog for Shoot To Thrill and see what happens.  I will hopefully be able to keep up with it, I haven’t done much with this one as it is.  Oh well.  It’s almost a new year, and I have accomplished a lot on the homefront.  The kids start school again soon and I have toned down my to-do list so perhaps I can schedule a time once or twice a week to be posting.  So, stay tuned for updates on that endeavour.  I want to make this year count.   A portfolio would be a nice touch, no?  🙂

A Super-mom site!

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More than a super-mom; a super-chef, a super-shooter, a super-conversationalist, a super-cool-stuff-finder.  I like hyphens, can you tell?  🙂  Check it out and tell her I sent you, Michelle V.  🙂